Project Description / ClientContract AmountRequired Completion DateActual Completion DateContact Person
StreetScape For City of Cumming City of Cumming / Contact of DE$398,000.00Feb. 2002Feb. 1998Mr. Steve Bennett Assistant Manager
Parking Lot Addition for 85 Car Spaces Sikh Study Circle, Inc.$98,000.00Nov. 1998Nov. 1998Mr. Ajeet Sood Project Manager
Faver RD., Replace Old Bridge with Box Culvert Bridge - Post Buckley, Schuch & Jernigan$260,000.00Sept. 1998Sept. 1998Mr. Bob Galante Project Engineer
Silver Comet Rail Trail to Bike Path 2.5 Miles$580,000.00 Mar. 1999Feb. 1999Mr. Bob Galante Project Engineer
Silver Comet Retrofit Bridges Renovation Cobb County DOT$145,000.00Apr. 1999Apr. 1999Mr. Bob Galante Project Engineer
New Salem Rd. - Replace Old Bridge With Box Culvert Bridge - Georgia Department of Transportation$258,000.00Feb. 2000Feb. 2000Mr.James M. McGee Project Engineer
Curb, Sidewalk, Drainage Yearly Maintenance Project, Gwinnett County Board of Commissioner$965,000.00May-00May-00Mrs. Debra Parmer Department of Purchasing
ADA Ramp and Sidewalk Cobb County School Board$75,000.00Aug. 2000Aug. 2000Mr. Ricardo Upsaw Field Engineer
West Price Road$318,214.00Sept. 2000Sept. 2000Jimmy Bolton Engineer
Russell Rd. Widening Gwinnett County Department of Transportation$300,000.00 Dec. 2000Dec. 2000Mr. Hank Collins Engineer
Site Work Shiloh High School Gwinnett Co. Board of Commissioners$1,295,250.00 Jun. 2001Jun. 2001Jeff Miller Engineer
Hurricane Shoals Historical Bridge Jackson County Board of Commissioners$545,600.00May-02Mar. 2002Joe Walter Engineer
Hurricane Shoals Bike Path Jackson County Board of Commissioners$220,000.00 May-02Mar. 2002Joe Walter Engineer
S. R. 141 Multi Use Path Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners$746,240.00 Feb. 2002Feb. 2002Hank Collins Engineer
Cemetary Field Renovation Gwinnett County Parks & Recreation$298,000.00 Aug. 2001Aug. 2001Bette Conaway Engineer
State Street Improvement, GA. Tech. University System of Georgia$900,000.00 May-02May-02Bob Vance Plant Facilities
Building #800 GA. Tech. Campus University System of Georgia$89,000.00 Mar. 2002May-02Steven Johnson Plant Facilities
Berkmar High School$890,000.00 Apr. 2001Apr. 2001Ray Moore Project Manager
UGA Athens - Botanical Garden Parking Lot and Handicap Improvements$104,000.00 Aug. 2000Oct. 1999Bob Vance Project Manager
Rhodes Jordan Park Renovations$1,280,100.00 Jun-02Jun-02Bill Weikel Engineer
Dacula & Fence Intersection Improvements$1,091,323.00 Sept. 2002Sept. 2002Jimmy Bolton Engineer
New Hope Road Improvements$987,618.90 May-03May-03Mr. Hank Collins Engineer
Bunten Road Sidewalks$360,404.00 May-03May-03Stan Jaworski Engineer
North River Road Sidewalk & Bridge$476,740.00Jun-03Jun-03Hank Collins Engineer
Burns Road Improvements$546,823.00 Sep. 2003Sep. 2003Mr. Thomas Engineer
D.W. Brooks Pedestrian Mall - Phase I$395,316.00 Apr-03Apr-03Bob Wallace Project Manager
Fork Creek Parkway - New Road$740,646.00 Oct. 2003Oct. 2003Stan Jaworski Engineer
Avondale Estates Streetscape$187,864.00 May-03May-03Andy Ballerstadt Project Manager
Liberty Heights Drainage & Street Improvements - Phase II (CDBG)$2,782,892.00 May-03May-03Brian Speer Project Manager
Athens Dirt Road / New Road$664,000.00Jun-03Jul-03Lamar Brown Project Manager
Little Mulberry Park$2,006,790.00 May-04May-04Russell Small
City of Snellville Public Works & Recycling Center (PWRC-005)$899,862.00Dec. 2004Dec. 2004Greg Rucker
City of Snellville Public Works & Recycling Center (PWRC-006)$465,914.50 Dec. 2004Dec. 2004Greg Rucker
Russell Road$736,423.00 Sept. 2004Sept. 2004Stan Jaworski Engineer
Old Peachtree Road Turn Lane and Sidewalk Improvements$284,238.00Mar. 2005July 2005Hank Collins Engineer
Sycamore Road Sidewalk Improvements$594,945.00 Feb. 2005Jan. 2006Hank Collins Engineer
DOT Call #37 - Road Improvements at the Intersection of S.R. 20 and Oglesby Bridge RD.$567,963.00 Jan. 2005Dec. 2005James McGee Project Engineer
Rock Springs Road Lane Addition and Sidewalk Improvements$773,654.00 Mar. 2005Sept. 2005Hank Collins Engineer
Alcovy Road and Bramlett Shoals RD. Alignment and Roadway Safety Improvements$738,199.00 Jun. 2004Oct. 2004Hank Collins Engineer
City of Buford Streetscape Improvements$1,225,400.00Jul. 2006Jul. 2006Hank Collins Engineer
Rockbridge Road @ Charmmers Way$115,381.00 Dec. 2005Dec. 2005Hank Collins Engineer
Pryor Trail & Phase I Cascade Road$465,300.00 Mar. 2006Mar. 2006Danny Mathis Field Engineer
Western Gwinnett Multi-use Trail$1,002,350.00 Dec. 2006Dec. 2006Fabio Bernal Engineer
Williams Road Safety Alignment$842,462.00 May-06May-06Thomas Claussen Engineer
Taylor Road / Hillcrest Dr.$304,520.00 Jun. 2006Jun. 2006Chris Perpenski Engineer
Lester Road Sight Distance Improvement$169,936.00 May-06May-06Thomas Claussen Engineer
Lebanon Road Sidewalk Improvement$326,949.00 May-06May-06Hank Collins Engineer
Dekalb County Intersection Improvements - Group 1$1,895,742.00 Dec. 2006Dec. 2006Gary King Engineer
Crabapple Road $1,765,400.007-May6-DecErnest Slaughter
Call Order 18 - Imprv Candler$2,508,591.607-Feb7-FebMr. Abdul Ahmedin
Mr. Abdul Ahmedin$2,435,000.00 7-Mar7-JanErnest Slaughter
Sawnee Avenue Improvements$2,653,790.00 7-Jan7-JanHank Collins Engineer
Jones Bridge DOT CALL #12$2,033,103.00 7-Jun7-JunMr. Jeff Woodward, GDOT
Gwinnett Co. Annual Contract 2005-2006$1,010,490.00 7-Jun7-JunMrs. Debra Parmer
Browns Mill Road$1,504,330.00 7-Mar7-MarMr. Kwadwo A. Atta, PBS&J
Cruse Road Sidewalk$1,688,566.50 7-May7-MayHank Collins Engineer
Oak Road Pedestrian Safety$737,878.507-Jun7-JunHank Collins Engineer
Centerville-Rosebud Improvement$959,104.007-Jul7-JulHank Collins Engineer
Peachtree Pkwy. - Holcombe Bridge RD$2,204,986.00Oct. 2007Oct. 2007Hank Collins Engineer
East Ponce De Leon Avenue$4,650,467.00 May-08May-08Mr. Abdu Ahmedin
Abbotts Bridge RD. (SR 120)$1,253,958.00Oct. 2008Oct. 2008Mr. Abdu Ahmedin
SR 124 @ Hamilton Mill Area$3,981,895.00Sept. 2007Sept. 2007Hank CollinsEngineer
Fellowship & Idlewood RD. Intersection$2,021,241.00 May-08May-08Kwadwo Atta Program Manager
Klondike & Rockland RD. Intersection$719,762.00May-08May-08Kwadwo Atta Program Manager
Hewatt & Martin Nash Road$576,540.00Feb. 2008Feb. 2008Hank Collins Engineer
SR54-Hank Aaron Dr (Call # 10)$1,076,822.00 8-Dec8-DecPercy Combay Project Engineer
Five Forks Trickum Rd Widening$7,410,114.00 9-Jan9-MarHank Collins Engineer
DOT Call #8 - Interstate Impr$549,557.45 5-Jun8-JanMr. Abdu Ahmedin
DOT Call Order # 7 East Ponce$1,754,472.00 6-Jan7-DecMr. Abdu Ahmedin
Alexander Park, Phase-1$3,777,500.009-JanIn progressHoward Back, Construction Manager
East Lake road extention Phase II$8,839,805.2510-Marin progressRoque Romero, Spolst Manager
McDnough Parkway Extention $4,224,484.00 10-JunIn progressRoque Romero, Spolst Manager
North Druid Hill Road Improvements$616,582.6010-MayIn ProgressJeff Contaky
Acworth Due West Road Improvements$7,448,340.6411-FebIn ProgressMr. Bob Galante Project Engineer
Jamerson Rd.,Wigley Rd.,Kell$12,344,193.13 Jun-11Jun-11Denise Hatabian
Windsor Parkway Sidewalks$739,895.09May-11May-11William ?Marty? Martin
Floyd Road Project # D12C0$271,144.25Apr-11Apr-11Kim Mergen
Bush Road Pedestrian safety$544,815.00Jul-11Jul-11Tamae M. Partain
JIM MOORE ROAD & PINE ROAD$891,094.50 Aug. 2011Aug. 2011Tamae M. Partain
Five Forks Trk. @ Ashton Lane$327,236.00Sept. 2011Sept. 2011Tamae M. Partain
IRWIN ST. STORM DRAINAGE$311,495.00Jan-12Jan-12Tommy D. Newsome, P.E
OLD SUWANEE ROAD$203,328.00 Oct. 2012Oct. 2012Tamae M. Partain